Brunching in the Big Cities: East Coast

Brunching in the Big Cities: East Coast

Who doesn’t love a great brunch spot?? Better yet, who doesn’t MISS a great brunch spot? Times are lonely right now but we always choose the find the silver lining in unfortunate set-backs. Like when a global pandemic effects our ability to brunch in our favorite cities. But don’t worry- as soon as you’re able to finally binge mimosas and pancakes again, you’ll know exactly where to go! Here are our top 5 picks for brunching in some of the east coast’s most popular cities:

1.Russ & Daughters Cafe in New York City, New York

Known for its famous smoked fish dishes, this family owned cafe has some of the freshest brunch you could wish for. If you weren’t a salmon person before, this brunch spot will surely change your mind. They even freshly slice everything in front of guests!

2.Seaspice in Miami, Florida

Another chic seafood brunch spot on the east coast, Seaspice is known for their wood-fired casseroles and specially crafted cocktails. It’s located right on the Miami River, so you get a delicious brunch with a gorgeous view. No better way to start(or end) your morning!

3.Brooklyn’s Finest in Washington D.C.

Loaded with brunch options like fried green tomato Benedict, prime rib and signatures burritos not to mention delicious house made desserts like cannolis, spiced cheesecake and sweet potato pie, Brooklyn’s Finest is by far…Washington D.C’s finest. Sorry, we had to.

4.Relish in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This southern brunch spot with live Jazz music has everything you ask for to make the perfect brunch day! They’re known for their 40 ft all-you-can-eat brunch buffet filled with soul food and southern comfort and… well, need we say more? Is there a time limit or can we stay until dinner??

5.Row 34 in Boston, Massachusetts

Obviously the east coast will never disappoint when it comes to eating the freshest seafood for brunch and Row 34 lives up to the hype! If you’re looking for fresh chucked oysters(displayed right in front on you!) fresh baked buttered lobster rolls and endless pitchers of mimosas, this is an east-coast must!