Should You Elope Post Quarantine? Here's How!

Should You Elope Post Quarantine? Here's How!

This time of social distancing has caused a lot of disruption to our lives. We weren’t able to get margs and tacos with our friends, we weren’t able to visit our grandparents, we couldn’t hit the gym, we couldn’t TRAVEL *insert all the crying emojis here* and a lot of special days had to be canceled. Many of those special days being weddings. The team here at Whym knows how to find the silver lining in everything so if you’re considering a destination elopement post pandemic, you clicked on the right blog post.

Destination elopements are basically a honeymoon with a build in wedding. So you get the best of everything all in once place and honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Here are our top 5 reasons to back this statement up.

1.No More Stress or Anxiety!

Planning is chaotic, stressful and anxiety-inducing…planning WEDDINGS is all of that times a million. So now you can simply, breathe. If you can even remember, that is. Look at this as a blessing in disguise and take some much needed time to recuperate and relax. Eloping is easy and its hard to make any mistakes when you can both be in charge(or not in charge) of everything. Speaking of which….

2.You Get to Make All the Rules!

One of the coolest things about eloping is getting to call all of the shots with your best friend. No opinions, no in-laws making suggestions, no hectic schedule and nobody to disappoint! You can use this silver lining as a chance to make some really cool memories instead of sticking to the typical played-out wedding rules. Think outside the box, take lots of pictures and have fun with your day.

3.More Time to Each Other

As great as listening to Aunt Susan brag about your cousins honor roll for an hour on one of the most important days of life is…NOT having to do that is even greater. We can only think of about a hundred other situations in which this example could play out.

4.You’ll Save Money!

Big weddings are expensive, especially when they’re followed by a big reception. Think about all the things you would typically have to buy and don’t anymore; Invitations, rental space, decor, flowers, catering, booze and entertainment! That all adds up but now that money can go toward planning a kick-ass elopement for just the two of you.

5.Focusing on What Really Matters

Getting to actually focus on the experience with your best friend rather than being surrounding by all the chaos of a typical wedding is a special sentiment that most people having big wedding don’t get to take advantage of. It’s easy to caught up in making sure everyone attending the wedding is having a good time and forget about the two most important people of the day. Eloping is the perfect opportunity to really make the day about love and friendship without any distractions.

Bonus Perk: You Won’t Miss Your Flight to the Honeymoon!

You’ll already be there. You’re welcome.