Germ-Free Traveling

Germ-Free Traveling

Maybe you’ve ALWAYS been that person at the airport wearing a mask and gloves(and to be honest, we see why now!) but if you’re like us, traveling has most likely always been pretty care-free for you- and it should still be! The team at Whym cares a lot about your safety and the protection of other travelers, so we want to share some ideas to help you stay germ, worry and stress-free during this time. 


Hot soap and water are your friends. They always have been and you need them now more than ever. There are plenty of restroom throughout airports so wash up every chance you get. We often touch things without even realizing so the more often you wash, the better. Luckily, most airports have motion activated faucets and paper towels so no need to worry about touching any handles. Just save your paper towel to open the door as you’re leaving and throw it away outside the restroom. 


We are all ultra guilty of touching every bag of peanuts and candy that looks delicious(followed by questioning why it costs $8-beside the point) and flipping through every magazine we see while we wait for our flights to board. Now is absolutely not the time to be entertaining ourselves this way. Make sure you only touch what you’re buying and already have some reading material packed!


Remember back in 2019 when the world was healthy and we got a little lax with our bodily functions-just sneezing and coughing all willy-nilly into our elbows…or just, into the air? DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE. A lot of people have always been inside of their shirt sneezers, and we commend you people, but now is the time for the rest of the planet to get on board with that. 


This is really easy on light traveling days at the airport, but busier days can be a bit difficult.  This gets especially difficult once we’re on the plane. But in regards to the airport, we recommend keeping your distance before boarding by staying out of the airport shops, not going into packed restrooms, standing back a few extra feet when waiting in line, and standing away from the seating area at your gate. 


Stress is the last thing we need in our lives right now. and it certainly won’t do any favors for your immune system. Plus, if you’re taking the proper precautionary steps to avoid getting and spreading germs, you’re already narrowing down your chances of illness pretty thin, so stressing regardless of where you are or whats going on will only make any situation worse. Practice good hygiene, be kind to others and relax.