Quarantine Vacation Destinations by State Pt. 1

Quarantine Vacation Destinations by State Pt. 1

Is the title of this blog post a mouthful? Yes. Are we super bummed out that we can’t travel right now? Also yes. Is this an insanely crazy time to be alive? YES YES YES. The cool news is that humans are adaptable and we will certainly overcome this. Yes, even us travel junkies! Since we aren’t able to vacation outside of our states right now(some of us can’t even leave our homes!) we got inspired to brainstorm the best vacation destinations in each state!

You may not be able to enjoy these destinations right at the moment, but as soon as the country is back and bustling, you’ll know exactly where to go to enjoy yourself regardless of where you are in it!

1.Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama

This gorgeous Alabama park is perfect for camping and hiking lovers. The park features plenty of trails, golf courses, cabins, gardens and even a zoo!

2.Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

Whether you want to ice climb, kayak, explore fascinating ice caves or even experience this destination by helicopter, Mendenhall Glacier is a must see if you are ever in Alaska!

3.Sedona, Arizona

We know you were expecting the Grand Canyon, but we also know you know how grand the Grand Canyon is and don’t need a reminder. Sedona, Arizona is easily just as beautiful and also almost guaranteed to be less busy and easier to navigate on your next Arizona Vacation.

4.Mount Magazine State Park in Mount Magazine, Arkansas

This is the state of Arkansas highest point and also features some of its most beautiful views. If you’re in Arkansas and the current world circumstances have you feeling a little low… this is the place to visit.

5.Disneyland in Anaheim, California

If you live in California, we know you have plenty of places to visit and things to do but seriously, if you haven’t visited Disneyland yet, this is the vacation you need to lift your spirits once the world is normal again. Feeling like a kid again is just the thing we need in times like these.

6.Mesa Verde, Colorado

This is a great hiking destination with a unique twist and full of history. Featuring some of America’s best preserved cliff dwellings, Mesa Verde is an exciting vacation for anyone feeling adventurous.

7.The Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, Connecticut

If you’re in Connecticut during this quarantine, here’s a fun idea: Read some Mark Twain literature and become a fan(because you finally have time to read Huckleberry Finn from start to finish). Then, visit his house and museum and the appreciation/cool factor will be off the charts.

8.National Wildlife Refuge in Bombay Hook, Delaware

If you’re an animal lover and live in Delaware, YOU CAN STILL VISIT THIS DESTINATION even will all of the madness surrounding us. Some much needed fresh air and cure animals? Yes, please.

9.Disney World in Orlando, Florida

We think it’s fair to include Disney World since we mentioned Disney Land earlier. We also think it’s important to remind ourselves in times like these that feeling carefree and child-like is something we should hold onto and never let go of. So yes, you MUST visit Disney World at least once if you’re ever in Florida and especially if you’re a Florida resident.

10.Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia
With nearly 3,000 acres of botanical gardens, trails to bike and hike and endless beauty to explore, Callaway Gardens is the perfect escape from the madness in the world right now. They are also still OPEN and providing safe and fun experiences for guests for the time being.


11.Lanai, Hawaii

Known to be one of Hawaii’s most enticing islands, it is also one of the most secluded. With plenty of sightseeing, adventure tours and history, Lanai is one of Hawaii’s safer islands to get some sun and alone time if you’re close to the area right now.

12.Lake Cascade in Cascade, Idaho

Perfect for campers, swimmers, hikers and fishers, this gorgeous lake has a view you must see to believe. It is unfortunately closed for the quarantine but once re-open will have us never taking a view for granted again!

13.The Bean in Chicago, Illinois

Did you even visit Chicago if you didn’t get a photo of yourself in The Bean? One of the most unique structures you may ever find and one of the easiest selfies you may ever take!

14.Brown County, Indiana

Some locations and explorable hiking trails still remain open in Brown County so if you’re an Indiana resident, this may be a solid option to get some fresh air and enjoy some beautiful views.

15.Cedar Ridge Winery in Swisher, Iowa

Featuring wine, spirits and whisky, this midwestern distillery has acres of beauty perfect for gathering with friends and family once we can have our social lives back!

16.Botanica in Wichita, Kansas

Currently closed and saddened for the lack of admiration the spring flowers will be receiving, Botanica is offering a free virtual tour for garden lovers across the world!

17.Mammoth Cave National Park in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Known for preserving the longest known cave system ON EARTH, Mammoth Cave is the perfect adventure for cave dwellers in Kentucky.

18.French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana

Such an obvious choice to some, but for those who have not visited New Orleans, you really must experience this (quite literally)magical city once we are able to safely travel again. On the opposite end, if you live here, you probably either love or hate it but MUST experience at least once if you haven’t yet.

19.Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine

This is the largest island off the coast of Maine and has such unique views that it almost doesn’t look like something you would find in this country! You must check this destination out with your own eyes!

20.Deep Creek Lake in McHenry, Maryland

An exciting destination spot year-round, Deep Creek Lake offers fishing, hiking, kayaking, tubing, skiing, arcades, sledding, golf, zip-lining, mountain biking, camping…we ran out of breath. They offer a lot, Ok!?

21.Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Full of beauty and history, Cape Cod features seven beach villages that are uniquely interesting and worth visiting whether you reside in Massachusetts or you’re just visiting for a few days!

22.Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan

History? Check. Beauty? Check. Relaxation? Check! What more could you want from a lake vacation!

23.Giants Ridge in Biwabik, Minnesota

If you’re in search of a quiet getaway in Minnesota, Giants Ridge offers a giant array of food, fun and outdoor activities for friends and families all year round.

24.Bay St. Louis in St. Louis, Mississippi

Full of art and history, Bay St. Louis is a great tourist attraction that even locals can enjoy! Whether you’re into casinos and fine dining or relaxing by the water, this vacation destination has a lot to offer once you can leave the safety of your sofa again!

25.The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

What is with St. Louis and “M” states? Anyway, this is a historical must-see if you’re in in Missouri. Currently closed for safety purposed, this attraction has insane views, cruises and a historical museum that will not disappoint once it re-opens to the public!