Safe Dining Tips to Practice on Your Next Vacation

Safe Dining Tips to Practice on Your Next Vacation

Dining out while on vacation is one of the most exciting things to do for people who love to travel. Experiencing new cuisines and cultures is such a special part of seeing new parts of the world and we refuse to let the pandemic stop us from embracing our inner travel foodie. We want normalcy back and it’s possible with time but until then, here are some safe and simple dining tips to make sure you  follow when eating out on your next vacation:

Practice social distancing.

If you’re out at a restaurant and you notice that the tables seem too close, kindly ask if you’re able to distance your parties table a bit further. Most restaurants are required to have empty tables between diners but beware of eateries that have yet to follow this protocol.

Wear your masks and encourage your party to do the same.

Make sure to have your mask on when you enter the restaurant and try your best to keep it on the whole time. Obviously you can’t eat with your mask on, but try to keep it on before your food arrives and after you finish. It’s always better safe than sorry! Also, if you notice your waiter or waitress isn’t wearing their mask, it’s important to ask that they follow protocol.

Wash those hands, then wash em again!

Try to wash your hands upon arriving to the restaurant and then again before your food arrives. Also, what a great way to get some extra steps in walking to and from the bathroom every 20 minutes? We kid.

Use hand sanitizer frequently.

If you aren’t trying to get those extra steps in walking to and from the bathroom every 20 minutes, try to keep some hand sanitizer on….hand. Literally. 

Sit outside if possible.

We know it’s summer and it’s hot but sitting outside is a much safer option right now when dining out. If you can get a shaded area or wait until the sun goes down a bit, you should definitely opt for outdoor seating. 

Try to relax.

We know things aren’t quite normal just yet but try to relax and not stress the things you can’t control. We have to get back to normalcy and enjoying life at some point. If you’re taking all the correct steps to preventing the spread of germs, you deserve to enjoy your vacation and your meal with peace of mind.