Why You Should Travel Post Graduation

Why You Should Travel Post Graduation

You did it!



After years of late night cram sessions, endless exams and difficult labs, you finally graduated and now you’re faced with an important question: what’s next? While many people take this time to focus on finding careers in their chosen paths, many others are feeling lost and confused, unsure of what to do or where to go next. Here at Whym, we have another question for you: why not travel? But don’t worry, we have 5 reasons why you should take that much needed break before jumping into the pool of adulthood with everybody else.

1. You’re Young!

Now is the time to do it, before responsibility becomes the sum of your life. Before you fall into a relationship, before paid time off and career milestones, before a 401k and planning for your future becomes acting on those plans, go somewhere new. Or old. It doesn’t matter! Take a step away from your figurative To Do list and just live in the now of your life. Whym can make it even easier, by planning the whole trip for you!

2. Enhance your interview conversations

In an age where everybody seems to be super qualified, you need something to set you apart. Why not tell the interviewer about the trip you took to a surprise destination, how you went out on a Whym and left the planning to someone else.

3. You might discover your passion!

You never know what you’ll find along the way. Maybe you’ll find inspiration in a fine art museum, or find a love for artisanal pastries! Whether you’re searching for a new hobby or questioning where your career path might lead you, going on a spontaneous adventure is bound to reveal something to you.


4. Much needed time for yourself

After years of deadlines and studying, it’s time to refocus on one thing: YOU! Travel is the perfect opportunity to make memories and rediscover who you are. Let Whym take all the stress out of it so you can really make it a vacation.


5. Meeting like minded people     

You never know who you’ll meet along the way- maybe your new best friend, maybe an opportunity to network or land a job! Traveling is an opportunity to meet someone you might never meet in your day to day life, and that opportunity can be the most amazing of all. With Whym, you’ll have the chance to try new things, and find people that share common interests, and who knows? They just might change your life for the better.


Now, you’re done with the books, are you ready to discover something new? Let us help you.