Ten Inspiring Travel Books by Black Authors

Ten Inspiring Travel Books by Black Authors

1. "Stay With Me" by Ayobami Adebayo

This romance novel is about a newly married couple who are dealing with the intertwining of old African traditions and new types of relationships. The setting takes place in Nigeria and tells the trying story of marriage from both the husband’s and wife’s point of view.


2."The Star Side of Bird Hill" by Naomi Jackson

After two sisters are sent from Brooklyn to live with their midwife grandmother in Barbados for the summer, they find themselves immersed in self-discovery and learning about their families rich history.


3.”Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah

Filled with comedy, drama and emotional twists, Trevor Noah takes on the journey of his life growing up in a world where he was never supposed to exist.

4."Here Comes the Sun" by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Set in Jamaica, this is the story of a sister’s determination to shield her younger sister from the evils of making it as a woman in their town. This story follows both sisters as their town is threatened by works of a new hotel being built, all while discovering and facing their own emotional scars from the past and present.

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5."Americanah" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This is a story of two young lovers are forced to leave their hometown in Nigeria for the west and become separated, one to America and the other to London. They experience for the first time what it means to be black in the west despite their prominent education. The story follows the young couple as they reunite fifteen years later back in Nigeria and reignite their passion for each other.

6.”Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica” by Zora Neale-Hurston

This book is based on the author’s personal experiences in Jamaica and Haiti where she witnessed and participated in many voodoo rituals. She lays out rituals and beliefs firsthand as you read into the mystical world of ceremonial voodoo practices.

7.”All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes by Maya Angelou

After living in Ghana for three years, Angelou explored the relationship between being African and experiencing American Blackness in this beautifully written novel.

8.”A Stranger in the Village edited by Farah J. Griffin and Cheryl J. Fish

Filled with short essays, memoirs, lectures and personal letters of Black American nomads over the last 200 years. No matter what type of story or emotion you are in the mood for, you’re sure to find it in this collection.

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9."Another Brooklyn" by Jacqueline Woodson

Set in the 1970’s, this story follows three young friends as they grow together in Brooklyn and suddenly learn that the other side of Brooklyn that isn’t as innocent and beautiful as the hopeful side they’ve grown to know and love.

10.”The Adventure Gap: Changing the Face of the Outdoors by James E. Mills

This exciting non-fiction story follows the first all-African American attempt to summit Denali. Claimed to be part adventure story, part history and part argument for the importance of inspiring future generations to value nature, this book will surely have you motivated for your next summit attempt! Or maybe just a nice hike….baby steps.