Ten West Coast Cities for Art Lovers

Ten West Coast Cities for Art Lovers

A huge part of the fun of traveling comes from experiencing all the culture and entertainment our favorite cities have to offer. So whether you’re in the mood to enjoy some locally crafted brews and food, purchase handmade goods, view some local artwork, discover new music or just want to find a perfect mural to pose with for the ‘gram – we got you!

Most of these artsy cities are heavily populated by locals and tourists alike, and for good reason! They’re filled with everything that makes us fall in love with each unique culture of different parts of the country- personality, taste, expression, emotion and education all through various forms of art. Check out our top ten picks for the west coast and what we love about them below!


When it comes to local business, food and murals, Denver delivers! This city embraces individuality and it shows through all the different forms of art you’ll find walking through downtown. Every corner offers a unique experience and an opportunity to support a local business. You can experience the ultimate Denver vacation by visiting their downtown market at Union Station every Sunday in the spring and summer!


This scenic village in New Mexico is practically overflowing with culture- filled with canyons, mountains, art galleries and authentic western cuisine, Madrid is the perfect day trip for art lovers. If you’re someone who loves antique shopping, this is a must visit on the west coast for anyone seeking a great view!


L.A. has been known for decades to be an artsy city. It’s where you go to express yourself and pour yourself into art. The stereotype is real-if you know where to go! The eastern edge of downtown Los Angeles is where you’ll find the Arts District and everything a tourist would love to find in the big city-cafés, murals, local food and breweries, art shops and share spaces at every turn!


The state of Oregon in general is the perfect vacation for lovers of the outdoors and finding art in nature but Bend has so much more to offer for artsy travelers. It’s filled with “Ale Trails’“, adventure tours, plenty of historic landmarks and of course art galleries, museums and theaters to enjoy! It’s the perfect scenic weekend vacation.


Madison is a great excursion for an easy going weekend. It’s full of visual arts like botanical gardens and arboretums as well as art museums and historical sites. They are also home to the world class performance center, Overture Center for the Arts where you can watch an array of different shows and performances.


One of the sunniest places you can vacation to in America, Tucson offers miles of natural beauty and endless things to do for tourists. Whether you’re visiting national parks or museums, hitting up the local farmers markets or taking a foodie tour downtown, we assure you will be bored on your next Tucson vacation.


Boulder is a city on the west coast that everyone should experience. It has everything to offer to anyone looking for gorgeous views and local vibes. It’s an active city where people bike and walk everywhere filled with great dining experiences downtown and mountainous terrain outside of the city. You’ll truly never be bored in Boulder.


This beautiful city is almost like teleporting to the mediterranean. It’s european features and architecture give the perfect ambiance when you’re craving that “vacation” feeling. You’ll feel like you walked straight into a storybook and you probably won’t ever want to leave. Oh, and not to mention the insane mountainous backdrops outside this artsy city!


Portland is full of beautiful gardens, art museums, adventurous hikes, giant murals, tons of bookstores and of course, delicious food. This is definitely not a weekend vacation but a trip you want to dedicate a few extra days to. There are endless “weird” discoveries around every corner that an artsy soul would not want to miss out on!


Reno isn’t just known for the casino scene and nightlife, it’s also known for having great street art and a scenic riverwalk! With insane mountain views and dozens of artistic murals, Reno is a picture perfect west coast vacation for anyone who appreciates local crafts and art.