Top Ten Travel Shows to Binge on Netflix

Top Ten Travel Shows to Binge on Netflix

1.Dark Tourist

This intense and adventurous docu-series follows a journalist around on some pretty eerie and straight up scary destinations that you have to watch for yourself. Ask anyone who’s binged this series and they’ll tell you it’s worth the watch, especially anyone who’s into all things haunted, creepy or unruly.

2.The Kindness Diaries

This docu-series takes you around the world on a vintage motor bike exploring different destinations that all have one thing in common- the kindness of strangers. This is a heartwarming and binge-worthy series for travel lovers of all kind.

3.Ugly Delicious

This series follows chef David Chang and various guests all around the world to discover unique twists on well-known and loved foods throughout all different cultures. This is a fun watch for foodies and you’ll end up learning a lot! You’ll also end up hungry so keep some snacks near by.

4.Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This made-for-foodies docu-series is also hosted by Chef David Chang and features hilarious co-hosts like Seth Rogan and Chrissy Tiegen. Filled with culture and comedy, this is the perfect show to watch when you can’t decide on one of the gajillion(this is a legit number if you google it shows Netflix has to offer.

5.Tales by Light

This adventurous docu-series travels alongside photographers and filmmakers as they push their limits trying to capture the natural beauty of humans and nature across the planet. This is an exciting behind the scenes look at how the perfect images of our world’s cultures are caught.

6.Travels with My Father

This comedic docu-series follows comedian Jack Whitehall and his father on a hilarious and entertaining trip across South East Asia. The two have very different perspectives on life but are equally entertaining and love-able.

7.Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy

Known for Seinfeld and Borat, Larry Charles takes viewers on an exciting and interesting comedic adventure through the world educating viewers on laws and regulations behind comedy in different countries. This is a fun documentary with valuable knowledge and perspective on the comedy world.

8.Street Food

The title of this delicious docu-series is straight to the point. Travel the world(virtually) and experience(visually) the amazing street food different countries have to offer. This is a great series for foodies to pass the time!

9.Stay Here

Okay, so this one may be a little corny but in the shows defense, it is categorized as reality TV. It’s a fun home-makeover series following the hosts throughout different cities and turning listed bed and breakfast locations into dream stay-cations.

10.Extreme Engagement

Honestly, this was a cool concept and gave some interesting insight to marriage across different cultures of the world. This reality series followed an engaged couple across the world as they experienced and educated themselves on marriage throughout the world. If you’re interested, we did some research and they are in fact, still married.