Why Staycations are your Getaway Answer to the Global Pandemic

Why Staycations are your Getaway Answer to the Global Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to make traveling less than exciting for us travel lovers, we'll continue to get creative with how we choose feed the travel bug. If you're still a bit timid about flying right now, don't worry because we have the answer- a staycation!

Staycations are exactly what they sound like- a vacation, but staying put where you are or close to where you are. Staycations are great for so many reasons despite the obvious not having to hop on a plane and risk exposing yourself or someone else to the germs of 2020. 

Staycations save you a ton of money!

No spending ridiculous amounts of money on plane tickets, checking bags, hotel costs, eating at touristy restaurants or even buying every member of your family a souvenir that they'd open and forget about 3 minutes later. All you have to worry about is you and getting in all the rest and relaxation you(and your wallet) deserve. 

Staycations allow you to appreciate the little things.

When you're fully indulging in a staycation, you learn to appreciate the day to day things that you might be taking for granted. Take the time to enjoy your local shops and bars, see friends you haven't seen in a while, paint that canvas you've been meaning to paint. Take advantage of this time to yourself. 

Staycations make planning your vacation so much less complicated- goodbye travel related stress and anxiety!

No stressing over setting 10 alarms to ensure you get to the airport 15 hours early, making sure you have transportation throughout the day, ensuring everyone is happy about the restaurant you're eating at, the list goes on and on. Staycations are the exact opposite of a stressful vacation. Take your time and be present every minute of the day. 

You can spend more quality time with family.

Not only do you get to spend valuable time with your loved ones, but a staycation also means that your doggo gets to participate in every minute with you as well. 

It's an opportunity to support local businesses in your town.

Instead of giving away your daily budget to touristy shops and eateries that are never hurting for money, use this staycation opportunity as a chance to support all your local businesses that would be overjoyed to be a part of your staycation.