Your 5 New Favorite Travel Podcasts

Your 5 New Favorite Travel Podcasts

If podcasts weren’t really your thing before social distancing, they probably are now. What an easy way to fit some inspiration and education into your day without really doing… anything! We’re always down for a little education, especially when it comes to our favorite thing-travel! We’re sharing some of our favorite podcasts that will inspire and motivate you to start planning your next trip and hopefully educate and culture you about a ton of different countries and ways of life.


Once known as The Budget Minded Traveler, this podcast hosted by “Traveling Jackie” is nothing short of raw and inspiring. Full of travel hacks and savvy saving recommendations, Jackie makes sure that every listener feels the ability to travel and follow their dreams. This is a very down to earth approach for travelers of all backgrounds and budgets.

2.The Offbeat Life

Hosted by Debbie, a self-proclaimed passionate traveler, this podcast is filled with great insight and heavily focuses on self-growth through travel. While her podcast is certainly worthy of regular listening, her website also contains a ton of resources for people feeling “lost” and who want to change their lives for the better by making travel their new normal.

3.Wild Ideas Worth Living

Hosted by Shelby Stanger and featured on REIs website, this podcast “Conversations with people who took the path less traveled and brought their wildest ideas to life.” If this quarantine has had you looking for a sign to completely turn your life on its head and finally take that leap, this is the podcast to make that happen. There are endless topics and guests that Shelby features- each giving you something insanely motivating to take away.

4.Zero to Travel

This is a great podcasts for new and experienced travelers alike! With never-ending advice on topics you never knew you needed and inspirational stories from nomads of all backgrounds, Zero to Travel is on a mission to get everyone out of their comfort zone and travel as often as possible through education and story telling.

5.Extra Pack of Peanuts

The perfect podcast for people who always thought you needed money to travel- which is totally not true by they way! Anyone who has been dreaming on traveling but has always felt held back by a tight budget must give this podcast a listen. Extra Pack of Peanuts is hosted by Heather and Travis Sherry who offer a wealth of valuable information and laughs, this podcast is a fun regular listen for all types of travel lovers.