Plan the Road Trip of Your Dreams this Summer

Plan the Road Trip of Your Dreams this Summer

We’re big fans of road tripping here at Whym and now more than ever is the perfect time to take advantage of planning the road trip of your dreams. A lot of people are still feeling pretty weary of airports and we can’t blame them! So to help you still get your travel fix, we’re sharing our simple guide to planning the perfect road trip this summer!

Plan ALL your destinations ahead of time.

This seems obvious, but many times people find themselves on road trips having only planned one or two major destinations ahead of time. Then, as your driving you’ll read about the world's largest apricot seed in the middle of Missouri while you’re on your on your way to the Grand Canyon and obviously, you need to get a picture of that so you find yourselves driving 45 minutes out of the way and getting off track. Make sure you plan all the minor stops ahead of time as well so that you don’t set yourselves back too far. 

Make sure everyone is comfortable.

This comes down to making sure you have the perfect vehicle to transport everyone going on your trip, even your doggo. You obviously don’t want a two-seater convertible for more than two people, and let’s be real, is this even going to be comfortable for two people?? Keep all participants in mind when renting your travel vehicle. If you need help finding something, check our blog on the perfect road trip vehicles here!

Come Prepared.

Actually, come OVER prepared. Every group has the “mom friend” and in any case of road tripping, the mom friend is essential. Make sure you have all the snacks you’ll need, extra money for tolls and gas, spare tires, all the snacks, essentials for your pets if they’re tagging along and make sure everything you’ll need is accessible- aka not buried deep underneath all of extra luggage mom friend threw in the trunk.

Stay entertained.

Road trips are special for a reason! They allow us bond with our friends and family the way we used to without technology and fast access to anything and everything. Share your favorite snacks, music, games and stories with each other and enjoy the time on the road.

Download all the right travel apps.

Okay so, forget what we just said about technology for just a second because sometimes it can really be a lifesaver. If you don’t plan on fully embracing an old-school road trip(aka using a paper map and risking the potential to run out of gas at some point) there are a ton of great apps that can help you find the cheapest and closest gas stations, silly travel destinations and even game and music apps to keep you entertained when you just can’t handle anymore of your 35 year-old brother’s high school football stories.

Embrace every minute.

This one is easy. Embrace the time you’re taking. Embrace the sights you’re seeing and the stories you’re sharing. Embrace the gas station pizza and the stand-still traffic. Embrace the opportunity to travel and live your best life!