FAQ - Trip

For the moment, we're only booking domestic travel within the United States of America. However, we're actively pursuing the ability to expand and will let you know as soon as we do!

What fun would it be if we told you that? That said, you’ll be traveling somewhere within the United States. We currently are not planning overseas trips, but we’ll let you know when we do!

Nope - this is a total surprise. We will take your wish list into consideration, but have a little faith, we know what we're doing.

Yes! The most rewarding experiences are often found on your own. We’ll put you in situations on your trip that will open you up to meeting new people or exploring a place you’ve never seen before

So many questions! You must be parents. Yes, Whym is an amazing way for families to travel together. You get all of the fun of a family getaway without the headache of having to plan anything. You show up and spend quality time together, we’ll arrange everything else. If you are traveling with kids 12 or younger, you will see a package especially for them under “Book Your Whym.” If the kids are 0-2, there is no additional cost to your trip as most airlines don’t charge for infant travelers. If they are 3-12, they have a reduced price point for their trips with a much more stripped down version of the survey so we can just collect the basic information. Please be sure to chose the package the same package for the children as chosen for the parents as far as dates & budget. Whym is a great way to make family memories without any of the work!

When you touch down, you'll receive a few more key details, such as where you'll be staying and how best to get there. Once you get to where you're going, you'll receive your itinerary which will lay out the rest of your trip. Within this itinerary however, you may notice a few grey squares. These are surprises - what we call Whymsies - and will remain surprises until right when it's about to go down. We want to keep you engaged and on your toes your entire trip.

Well, we could try to prove ourselves via trust falls but the true answer is because we love to get it right. It’s true, the team here at Whym are competitive and live for getting the perfect trip built for the perfect person. In all seriousness, we’re a group of well traveled, anal-retentive planners who love to see the world and just want to help others do the same.

We want your excitement to stay at a 10 your whole trip, so depending on your budget and destination, throughout the Whym, you may have periods where you know you're going to do something but you don't know what it is exactly. We'll keep in touch with you via text message to let you know about those "Whymsies" right when they're about to happen. These blocks are the only things on your itinerary that have hard and fast time rules - you'll be able to tell by the little clock in the corner of that area of the itinerary. Trust us, you'll love 'em.

We want to give you time to explore, so from time to time, you will have whole periods of time all your own. Use this time to people watch, to wander a new neighborhood, to nap. We'll provide suggestions, don't worry, but carpe diem and seize this vacation.

We are happy to help you change things if you need to, like the flight day or time or even airport. However, if you did not purchase the warranty, keep in mind that any changes will carry a $100/person change fee + the cost difference in the new ticket.

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