FAQ - Cost

Group/Couple trips start at $850 each for 2 nights and 3 days. Individual trips at $950 for two nights and three days. You can choose higher budgets for that trip length, but the minimum price increases for each additional night. Keep in mind, this budget is only for flights and hotels, so you should anticipate spending more on food, activities, transportation on the ground, and any other miscellaneous costs.

No, your budget is inclusive of sales tax so you will not see an additional percentage on top.

We totally get it! It’s hard to know what to spend to go to an unknown destination. We have laid out a TON of information in our Budget Guide that should help make that easier, such as examples of airports, hotels, surprises and previous trips!

Flights, hotels, and budget permitting, a few surprises along the way are included in your initial package. Any transportation while there (Lyfts, subways, rental cars), meals, shopping, and attractions are additional once you arrive.

Once you choose your nights and budget and fill out your survey, you can head straight to checkout.

Unfortunately, we can't use airline miles to book a surprise trip. Because frequent flier numbers are associated with your name and login, if we used those to book you'd see where you were going and where's the fun in that!

While there is no built in additional charge to travel during a holiday weekend, we recommend going up at least one to two price brackets or booking further in advance as often flights and hotels are significantly more expensive and rooms are more limited. A little bit more will go a long way in getting you the best possible trip.

We know that booking a trip can be expensive, so Whym has partnered with Sezzle to allow for financing on trips starting at $1,000/person. When you go to checkout, just click the Sezzle option and they will take care of the rest. Head to our How Sezzle Works page to learn more.

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