FAQ - Troubleshooting

Look, no one is going to show up and break your kneecap if you choose to skip something on the itinerary that doesn't sound like you but we encourage you to give it a try. Sometimes the things we would never choose for ourselves are the things that are the most memorable. We've built these itineraries meticulously. One plan leading to the next, things that are musts for the city you visit or things that are well kept neighborhood secrets. Like we said, you do not have to do anything that you don't want to, but be adventurous and give it a shot, trust us.

If you have any sort of emergency or issue with any of the accommodations or plans, feel free to reach out to us immediately and we will work to resolve it. However, please keep in mind we are a travel planning company, so we have no control over airline delays or a room issue. We will happily be the middle man to help solve any problems that arise but our influence is not all reaching, despite what we tell ourselves.

We understand emergencies happen, so you have a 48 hour cancellation window for a full refund from the time of booking. After that unfortunately, there are no refunds as tickets and hotels may already be booked and underway.

We promise, we're totally and completely sure.

On our contact tab, you'll see all the myriad of ways to get ahold of us. Feel free to email or text or slide into those DM's, whatever is easiest for you! Please note the phone number is for texting only, phone calls will not be answered.

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